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At EcoStim Energy Solutions, we believe in using the best of what’s out there to help you to develop your conventional and unconventional reservoirs. That includes the best technologies, equipment, practices, experience and proven methodologies. Because when all these solutions come together, everyone wins—you, the environment and the local economy. Throughout North America, our best-in-class, predictive approach has established repeatedly that lower costs, higher productivity and reduced environmental impact are not mutually exclusive goals. They are, in fact, what we have to offer.

EcoStim International Well-Stimulation Operations

The Oklahoma Stack Play: The Next Boom for Energy Investors?

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Why EcoStim?

Proven solutions, greater efficiencies, local resources and a smaller environmental footprint—what’s not to like?

Measure. Predict. Repeat.

EcoStim applies proprietary algorithms to existing 3D data, giving you unprecedented power to predict.

Investor Relations

With experienced personnel and a growing demand for responsible production, EcoStim is solidly positioned for growth.


Assembling Smarter Technologies:

EcoStim custom bundles smart technologies to bring unprecedented efficiencies to well stimulation. By combining solutions such as fiber optic monitoring and coiled-tubing sliding sleeves, we can reduce the number of completion stages and power requirements by a much as 50 percent; the amount of water required, by as much as 20 percent.

  • A smaller footprint
  • Solution provider
  • Bridging a gap
  • Building confidence in geophysical predictions
  • 350+ Case Studies
  • Global Expertise / Local Solution
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Predicting 700x450

Predicting Sweet Spots More Effectively:

Conventional technology presumes that all shale formations are the same. At EcoStim, we combine an array of proven technologies to reveal high-probability locations. This allows you to focus production, maximizing resources and assets in a way that increases recovery rates while lowering costs and minimizing environmental impact.

  • Ability to make quick decisions
  • Mature Neuro Networks
  • Smarter Algorithms
  • Ground Truthing the data
  • More focus on your data
  • Eco-friendly solutions
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