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Stimulating Wells and Local Economies — EcoStim Energy Solutions, environmentally-focused well stimulation and completion services company

Stimulating Wells. And Local Economies.

Our executive leadership has over a century of cumulative industry experience. But that experience doesn’t hinder our ability to move swiftly and take advantage of cutting-edge technology and processes to benefit our customers. At EcoStim Energy Solutions, we firmly believe in growth and spreading economic success in the communities where we work.

Our roots run deep and our regional knowledge is extensive. We’re committed to providing not only expertise and equipment, but the support to encourage local autonomy and meaningful job growth, along with responsible, ecologically friendly solutions.

EcoStim Energy Solutions, environmentally-focused well stimulation and completion services company

As names go, EcoStim Energy Solutions covers a lot of ground. Eco refers to both the economical and the ecological advantages of our approach. Stim, which refers to stimulation, also conveys a double meaning. Literally, well stimulation is what we do—and we’re exceptional at it. But in utilizing local resources, we’re also a stimulator of jobs and prosperity in the communities in which we operate.

One name with a lot of mileage—it’s a reflection of our philosophy. Which brings us to the last part of our name. We are a Solutions provider, not merely a service provider. It’s a distinction that keeps us agile and open to new ideas, as opposed to the self-limiting, pre-packaged mindset so prevalent in the industry.

It’s a great name. We endeavor to live up to it, every day.

Chris Boswell: President & CEO, EcoStim Energy Solutions

J. Chris Boswell
President & CEO

With over 28 years of executive management experience in the oilfield-services industry, Mr. Boswell has been instrumental in the growth of numerous successful businesses, expanding into international markets and securing capital to facilitate growth.
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Bobby Chapman: COO, EcoStim Energy Solutions

Bobby Chapman
Chief Operations Officer

In addition to sales, management and strategic planning, Mr. Chapman possesses a solid bedrock of experience in completions operations, including high-pressure, high-temperature stimulation engineering and complex, extended-reach and deep-water completion design.
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Alexander Nickolatos: CFO, EcoStim Energy Solutions

Alexander Nickolatos
Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Nickolatos has helped to raise over $500 million from private investors, including Bill Gates, Kleiner Perkins and Goldman Sachs. A CPA, he has overseen the oil and gas financing operations in over seven countries, including Argentina.
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Craig Murrin: Secretary & General Counsel, EcoStim Energy Solutions

Craig Murrin
Secretary & General Counsel

Mr. Murrin has over 30 years of experience negotiating a variety of upstream energy-related transactions around the world, including joint ventures, acquisitions and divestitures, and financings for energy companies and energy-service providers.
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Carlos Fernandez: Executive VP - Corporate Business Development and General Manager Latin America, EcoStim Energy Solutions

Carlos Fernandez
Executive VP –Corporate Business Development and General Manager Latin America

Mr. Fernandez has 35 years of experience in the oil and gas industry and over 30 years of experience in various executive management and sales positions.
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Barry Ekstrand: Senior Vice President of Operations – North America, EcoStim Energy Solutions

Barry Ekstrand
Senior Vice President of Operations – North America

Mr. Ekstrand serves as SVP of Operations–North America, with responsibility for the overall leadership of EcoStim's operations in the United States.
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Miguel Di Vincenzo: VP - Global Sales & Technology, EcoStim Energy Solutions

Miguel Di Vincenzo
VP – Global Sales & Technology

Mr. Di Vincenzo has 28 years of executive experience in oilfield services focused primarily in Latin America. Published author of numerous technical papers, he has held numerous leadership positions for companies offering pumping, cementing, coiled tubing and other services.
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