Well Stimulation + Completion // Putting Advanced Tools To Work For You

Through a more intelligent, targeted approach to well completion, EcoStim can reduce the number of stages and horsepower requirements — making the environmental footprint smaller and reducing costs. This approach combines EcoStim’s Field Management System with the most advanced third-party well-stimulation products, such as pin-point perforation tools, fluid systems and eco-friendly chemicals, to achieve maximum efficiency.

EcoStim Energy Solutions — Aerial Spread
OK SPread


For new or existing wells, EcoStim provides a variety of pressure-pumping services including workover pumping, well injection, cased-hole testing, mud displacement, wireline pump downs and coiled tubing pump downs. We also offer a state-of-the-art pumping fleet, including trailer-mounted well-stimulation pumps for tight gas, nitrogen pumping units and cranes. Skid-mount configurations are also available.

EcoStim Energy Solutions — Coiled Tubing Truck
Ecostim Coil Tubing 01
Ecostim Coil Tubing 02
Ecostim Coil Tubing 03


EcoStim’s coiled-tubing capabilities cover a wide range of applications for horizontal completion, workover and well-maintenance projects. Our equipment is built to accommodate the most challenging environments and features 1.25” diameters with a maximum length of 22,000 feet or 2” diameters with a maximum length of 17,500 feet.