Geo-Predict // 3G Technique for Detecting Sweet Spots

EcoStim Energy Solutions – Technologies: Geo-Predict



The EcoStim Geo-Predict® workflow allows integration of geo-mechanics, geology and geophysics to engineer and optimize well design parameters.

EcoStim provide tools for operators to adjust stage location, stage spacing, well placement and stimulation programs. In addition to optimized completions this enhanced simulation capability allows for better controls in selecting stimulation locations, determining well spacing and estimating EUR.

Key Features

  • Predict microseismicity
  • Predict energy at each frac stage and use it in completion optimization
  • Predict and validate proppant distribution
  • Predict asymmetric half-length fractures for frac-design software
  • Predicted stimulated permeabiliy in SRV for reservoir simulator

  • Geo Predict Screen
  • Geo-Predict Presentation
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