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Let’s Take Advantage of Proven Technology.

To think of our technology as untested is misleading. Because in actuality, these solutions have independently established their worth in plays all across North America and are each fully commercialized. The Geo-PredictSM techniques have been used by our customers to identify sweet spots in over 350 shale wells. Many of our successful customers have developed their own techniques that are similar to our process and thus thousands of additional wells have used similar technology. The sliding sleeve technology has now been used on over 3,000 wells and over 46,000 stages have been completed using this completion technology while reducing horsepower requirements by as much as 50 percent; water usage by as much as 20 percent.

The fiber-optic monitoring technology we are deploying for real-time verification of wellbore-cement integrity, fault and rock properties, measurement of inflow, and prevention of aquifer contamination has also been run successfully on hundreds of wells in both the marine environment and onshore. We have tightly bundled these three proven technologies in a manner that creates an iterative process in new shale plays. In each well, we provide a map predicting the sweet spots along the wellbore. Then the well is stimulated as usual. Soon after the production begins, we can quickly “dip” into the well with our temporary fiber-optic “antenna” and determine precisely which stages are actually producing. After several wells, the predictions become quite reliable and, with empirical data backing up their accuracy, the completions team can begin to focus their efforts on the stages that actually produce hydrocarbons, saving considerable time, money and resources.

Predict the process of well stimulation in real time.

EcoStim Energy Solutions has a systematic five-step methodology for well stimulation that begins with prediction. Here, we use seismic attributes and other data to anticipate the fractures, fault networks and other identified “sweet spots” within the shale formation. Execution follows, with well stimulation of all planned stages. Then comes measurement, which employs fiber-optic acoustic monitoring (either permanent monitoring with sliding sleeves or temporary monitoring with a “dip” into the well) to differentiate the non-productive stages from stages that produced hydrocarbons. Then, evaluation, in which we compare our prediction with the actual results. Finally, we update the model, applying insights learned to the next prediction in the well-stimulation process. In new shale plays, this technique can quickly identify “markers” within the seismic information that correlates with good production zones. Identifying these markers takes some practice and each shale formation is different so we generally expect that the field management system will only improve with experience. After all, you can’t manage what you don’t measure.

EcoStim Energy Solutions — 5 step methodology and iteration process


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