Why EcoStim? // Purpose Statement

The Question Is Why Not?

The logic is irrefutable: the more you know, the better you can predict. EcoStim Energy Solutions combines seismic survey data with advanced-but-proven technologies for determining reservoir rock properties and equipment for streamlining the well-stimulation process. It’s a complete package that minimizes costly trial and error, allowing you to concentrate your efforts in areas offering the highest probability of success, significantly lowering production costs, reducing water use and minimizing environmental impact.

How less brings you so much more.

Water is a precious resource. Instead of adopting the industry’s wasteful, scattershot approach to well stimulation, EcoStim offers a far more focused and efficient solution. Using sliding-sleeve technology, we directly deliver hydraulic energy and proppant to specific wellbore locations, maximizing the production in each zone, reducing overall water usage by as much as 30 percent.

EcoStim Energy Solutions: Why Not Use Less Water?
EcoStim Energy Solutions: Why Not Use The Best Technology?

The best technology. Today.

Companies will often go out of their way to push whatever technology happens to be in their toolbox, even though it may not be the best solution for your application. At Ecostim, we don’t impose those limits. We’re a business, to be sure. But our goal is to put together the most efficient and effective solution for your needs, building long-term trust with our customers. That way, everyone wins.

Better stewards of our natural resources.

Utilizing smart technology for production is an approach without a downside. In the short term, it delivers more efficiency and profitability. In the long term, it reinforces a far more positive and environmentally responsible public image.

EcoStim Energy Solutions: Why Not Change Public Perception?
EcoStim Energy Solutions: Why Not Invest in Jobs?

Let’s export oil, not jobs.

Just because the technology has been proven in North America doesn’t necessarily mean it makes sense to bring that infrastructure to Argentina. We’re all about efficiency, which is one of the reasons we’re committed to building local economies, using local resources, creating jobs and expertise to benefit you.

EcoStim represents the local application of a global vision. We’ve worked all over Latin America and have seen first hand the positive impact our solutions have made, both economically and environmentally. This mutually beneficial approach is based on proven technologies and enhances the power to predict.

Why EcoStim Energy Solutions? Global Vision
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